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IMARK Irrigation Growth
Continues to Accelerate

Greetings! Interest in and attention to IMARK Irrigation continues to flourish at a rapid pace. I am pleased to report that year to date, the group is off to a strong start with the addition of several new suppliers and members joining the irrigation vertical.

Conversations with members nationwide reveal the belief that business will remain robust throughout the year and many contractors are reporting their spring and summer months are booked solid with upgrades to existing systems, new installations and landscape lighting projects aplenty. Distributors and contractors alike providing irrigation or landscape lighting supplies and or services have plenty of reasons to be excited!

On the landscape lighting side, new IMARK supplier Hinkley Lighting, has partnered with several members seeking opportunities to improve their existing offering of landscape lighting systems. Many are choosing to feature different options at or near their counters with the compact and vibrant display Hinkley offers. Directional, accent, deck, step and pathway lighting options and a wide array of accessories are available from Hinkley. Whether it’s a combination of home security, curb appeal or backyard aesthetics, consumers everywhere are looking for the perfect reason to light up their home’s exterior. If your interest in landscape lighting has left you in the dark in the past…check out Hinkley’s exciting and extensive line of lighting, visit

Our most recent supplier, Underhill International, offers an extensive line of water-saving product, watering accessories and is a leader in 2Wire control systems with the introduction of controllers, programmers and decoders. Already several IMARK members are taking advantage of the outstanding display offer, which prominently promotes the Proline™ Gold Series of product. This series is perfect for the for the landscape professional or contractor who wants the features and benefits of a more expensive line of hose and nozzles at an affordable cost. Ideally suited for low to medium flow/pressure applications, the Proline Gold hose is made in the United States and features a commercial grade, crush proof exterior with machined brass ends and comes in a variety of lengths. Couple this hose with the array of spray heads and nozzles to build sales volume and profit at your counter area. With an extensive product library comprised of 97 files across 37 subcategories, members are sure to find all the marketing collateral they could ever need to support their sales staff. For more information, visit

Our first synthetic turf supplier Turf Distributors joined recently and is eager to assist members with their turf needs. One topic that rises often when folks are looking to use synthetic turf is…is it safe for pets? For years there has been a struggle for pet owners to decide if artificial grass is beneficial for their dog. Since many dogs have now accepted fake grass as their bathroom, their owners had to water down and flush out the urine bacteria from the turf. Turf Distributors comes to the rescue! ZeoFill is made from 100% natural resource from the earth. It is different than any other infill because ZeoFill is a negatively charged honey-combed molecular structure that absorbs the urine like a magnet and prevents the ammonia from forming a gas, which is the main cause of smell. Other advantages to using ZeoFill are it can keep artificial turf up to 19 degrees cooler, it reduces pet odors by 50% and it is safe for kids and pets. To view the complete offering from Turf Distributors, visit

Moving forward, we are seeking partnerships with industry leading suppliers that offer high-tech pressure regulation and smart controllers. As more states enact regulations on responsible water usage combined with water technology enhancements and heighten consumer awareness, smart water products offer an emerging opportunity for IMARK Irrigation members.

There is without question, a keen interest in smart and environmentally friendly landscape and irrigation options. Technology is catching up with expectations and is available now at very affordable costs.