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Welcome to the
Spring Issue of
IMARK Plumbing NOW!

John Aykroyd President
Matt Roos Executive Vice President
Scott Bardreau Vice President
Ted Havel Vice President, Marketing and Supplier Relations

We’re pleased to report through the first quarter that the group’s purchase volume continues to accelerate with most members reporting robust sales and full backlogs. Supply chain pains persist as members report spending endless hours expediting orders and/or sourcing material from alternative sources, while at the same time trying to stay in front of the never-ending price increases. For a perspective on these challenges, please reference Jason Bader’s article on page 10, A New Role in Purchasing: The Expediter.

In terms of supplier participation and member enrollment, the 2022 IMARK GainShare Joint Marketing Planning Program is off to a record pace with more than 2,700 joint GainShare marketing plans approved. GainShare is a proven and consistent driver of enhanced profitability, often resulting in increased sales and profit dollars for both IMARK members and suppliers. Let’s continue to build on this momentum through the balance of the year by executing efficient and effective follow-through on all sales and marketing activities. For greater insight, please review the article Best Practices to Maximize Your GainShare Rebate Earnings on page 77.

We are pleased to recognize suppliers that achieved status on the 2021 Supplier Gold/Platinum Program, reference page 66. The Supplier Gold/Platinum Program recognizes IMARK suppliers that are fully engaged with the IMARK membership. Status is recognized based on activities accomplished and results achieved within the calendar year.

Also, we wish to recognize members that achieved status on the 2021 Member Premier Program. The Premier Program recognizes IMARK members that are engaged with IMARK suppliers and achieve success within IMARK marketing programs and utilize IMARK educational resources. In addition, the program provides a road map for members that intend to maximize the full benefits of their membership. Please review page 62 for full details.

We would like to thank you all for your continued support and participation with us on Facebook. As of Friday, April 22, we will be closing the IMARK Nation group and will be merging with the IMARK Plumbing Community Group. We ask that all current and active IMARK members join us on the IMARK Plumbing Community Page, where we will discuss latest in IMARK Plumbing and industry news, trends and upcoming events. We look forward to connecting with you!

Enjoy the spring issue!